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  • Laptop DC Jack Repair

  • Laptop won’t charge anymore? Still works on battery?

    We'll Repair your Laptop DC Jack.

    If you have a loose connection where you plug in the power cord on your laptop, or it works intermittently on the power adapter, you could have a bad dc jack.

    Some of the DC Jack Symptoms:

    • Move the power plug and the laptop loses charging light
    • Broken or cracked D/C Jack
    • Pushed in DC Jack
    • Laptop won’t charge, but still works on battery
    • Power LED and battery Charge LED flickers when the adapter tip is moved around
    • Battery / Laptop just plain won’t charge
    • Sparks come out the back of the laptop (this is Very dangerous) – Remove power adapter and battery immediately!
    • Dell “Plugged in not charging”

    Why does this happen?

    • Flaw in manufacturer designs
    • Use of universal or non-original ac adapter
    • Lots of plugging and unplugging of the ac adapter
    • Tripping on or pulling the ac adapter cord
    • Missing Center Pin (Power pin)
    • Bad Solder on PCB Board

    The wrong information some repair centers give:

    Most service centers don’t want to deal with this problem on a micro repair basis. Many, including the large nationwide stores and the laptop’s manufacturer, will either tell you the machine is not repairable or that it needs a new motherboard. These quotes usually run from $250 to as much as $800.

    A broken power jack can often be repaired without a motherboard replacement.

    Common brands with this problem are HP/Compaq, Toshiba, Dell,  Gateway and Acer.