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  • Laptop Motherboard Repair

  • Often After years of use, laptop motherboards may start to develop connection issues due to the temperature cycle changes encountered during everyday use.  These motherboard issues can cause various problems including lock-ups, reboots, blue screens BSOD and even no-starts.  At The Teck Guy, we have made the considerable investment in both equipment and training, giving us the skills needed to repair laptop motherbaords on-site.

    • Video Card Failure
    • Laptop Had No Video / Screen is Black
    • BSOD Blue Screen Of Death
    • Overheating Issues
    • Laptop Fan Not Operating
    • CD/DVD Drive Not working
    • Hard Drive Errors / Not Working
    • Driver Issues
    • BIOS Updates / Flashing
    • Laptop Motherboard Reflow
    • & More

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