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  • XBOX 360 Repair

  • So you’ve got a few problems with your Xbox 360? You are not alone… 

    Most likely your reading this because your warranty expired, and/or having Microsoft fix it would be expensive and will take a LONG time (sometimes months).

    If your Xbox 360 is no longer functioning, The Teck Guy can help!

    The Teck Guy xbox 360 repair can be handled successfully and we can restore the console back to its original state.

    Problems with red ring of death (RROD) can be fixed as well as software and/or hardware problems.

    If you think that the console is overheating or malfunctioning in any way, unplug it from the power supply and assess any damage. Overheating may have been caused by prolonged gaming time. This causes the thermal paste to heat up and some of the more delicate parts to malfunction. In any case, the xbox 360 repair should be done by The Teck Guy ASAP. To prevent this from happening, place the XBOX in a well ventilated area, preferably with great ventilation. Limit gaming time especially during midday when the sun is hot outside as this adds up to the humidity in the equipment. Too much humidity and heat can cause short circuits and in turn cause malfunction.

    Talk to the The Teck Guy teck and tell them what happened when you received the error. The sooner we find out the cause of the problem, the faster we can diagnose and service your equipment.

    As the old saying goes, an ounce of prevention is better than a pound of cure, and this “rings” true with our xbox’s. Once the console has been fixed, you can return to your pleasurable gaming experience. Just remember to take care of it as you would a computer.

    The Teck Guy has over 6 Years of experience with XBOX 360 repairs.  

    • Red Ring of Death (RROD)
    • Stuck Tray or Open Tray errors
    • E73, E74 Errors
    • & More –  we can fix it all.